Gui is not working afet apt dist-upgrade

Greetings to all ,

I’ve upgraded my Parrot SO using apt dist-upgrade its a long time updated 4 thousand something repository . after completion I did shut down and then boot it after couple of hours back all I get GUI prompt with password I enter the password and nothing happens all I see just a mouse cursor with black screen :confused: . Current version is now 4.10 and kernel 5.9.0-2 .

Any clue how to fix this issue.


Do you have any additional, older kernels to boot into at the Grub menu? You may need to enter Grub Rescue Mode in order to check dmesg for errors.

dmesg | less


Well parrot boot and drop me on login screen as I enter password then nothing happen. I did Alt+Ctrl+F4 to get console mode and then from there startx it does logged me into GUI which is not an appropriate method to work on . There may be some thing which brick the default GUI . Due to that I’m not able to complete the task which I was in middle of it.


I’m also facing same problem but I did some mess with system. But I don’t know how to solve it. My Wifi not working.

I guess it a bug with lated GUI so I used mate instead and it is working fine with it.

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