Hacking on Parrot OS

Hello There,
So, I just recently installed Parrot OS Home, and I was wondering where could I find hacking toturials, because I do not see many on the Parrot Forum. Any websites, videos? I would like to start by hacking WPA/WPA2 Network, etc Thanks!

Parrot can be thought of as a platform, similar to Kali, Windows, BSD Unix, etc. All it does it provide a collection of mostly independent tools and the means to run them effectively. While I admit the docs on how to use these tools are thin on the Parrot site, there are hundreds of other sites that will tell you how to use them. For example Steam is a platform for games, it does not tell you how to play every game, it simply provides the means to play them. Security Linux distros such as Parrot, Kali, Whoix, etc can be thought out like this in the light of hacking tools.

Since you specifically want to learn of Network Security I would take a look at the Security Tube videos on Wireless Lans. Then do some research on other tools that can be used for this type of research and google them or look through the help text and man/info pages.

I try to watch them, but it says video does not exist.

Google has lots of resources.

Your best way to do that is comprised in 2
And you can also look thruout securitube.

It will take efforts to get familiar with tools and how they work. Good luck