Hackthebox and related

Any other partners like hackthebox. I loved the site. The idea was awesome.

Plus Anybody knowing sites like these. Do reply. :slight_smile:

Plus Do we have a team on htb?
What steps are we taking to grow it?
The co-operation post was good to read but is dead by a good 9-10 months. Any Update? @palinuro?

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Hello! Unfortunately. I do not know any partners of Hackthebox but luckily. I do know some alternatives to Hackthebox:

1.) Vulnhub
2.) TryHackMe
3.) HackThisSitte

These are all amazing learning platforms! HackTheBox is also amazing! These sites are less competitive but are amazing ways to learn!

I do not know what you mean by β€˜team’ on HackTheBox but if you mean joining a community you can join their discord server!:

Click here for Discord server invite link

By growing the community the community could spread the word of HackTheBox!

Hope this helped!

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Hackthissite was good. I used it. Heard about Vulnhub. TryHackMe is new to me, Gonna Try it.

Well I got to the team. And joined Discord. :smiley:

This post regarding HTB said

I wanted to know more on this. Maybe I had not made myself clear.
Thanks a lot !