Hard disk not shown while installing parrot os in hp laptop.

Hey fellas,
This is me who is stuck installing parrot os on my hard disk as dual boot with windows 10 but whenever I try to install it by making a bootable pen-drive of it ,just everything goes right but in the setting up partition section my none of the installed hard disk are shown but only my usb that was bootable is just showing …
After weeks of research I have killed some of the major things that might be causing my hard disk not shown failure i.e my HP laptop comes with F.33 Insyde bios which does not have unlocked advanced settings through which I can access the SATA controller mode or might turn off INTEL rapid Technology . This rapid technology is might be the major one, If I can modd my current bios and the flash my modded bios then might I would be able to access advanced settings .
So please, can someone help me with this!!! HUH
Thanks in advance and any help would be appreciated.

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