Hardware Question.

So i have an old computer its the Hp Compact Mini tower that ran xp. The processor is a pentium 4 HT and 1 GB of ram i think. My question is can i run the latest version of parrot on this computer as a main OS?

Make sure to check out https://docs.parrotlinux.org/info/system-requirements/

It may still run but 1 gigabyte of ram is very low for modern day linux gui. Many pentesting apps are resource intensive. Just a heads up.

How bad will it run things on 1 gb? like extremely slow or ? I still have yet to search if my computer can upgrade its ram to maybe 2gb or 3 (Im not sure how much ram these old machines can take)
I plan to run Parrot security unless Parrot Home is the same thing.

Well running Parrot Security will take more resources than what you have.
You can start with Parrot Home and put only necessary software. That way it might work.
As @RightToPrivacy said, many of the modern pentesting apps are resource oriented so you might have hard time in that.

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