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E: Failed to fetch https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/pool/main/s/samba/samba-vfs-modules_4.13.13%2Bdfsg-1~deb11u3_amd64.deb 504 Gateway Timeout [IP: 443]
E: Failed to fetch https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/pool/main/c/cryptsetup/cryptsetup-bin_2.3.7-1%2Bdeb11u1_amd64.deb 504 Gateway Timeout [IP: 443]
E: Failed to fetch https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/pool/main/f/firefox-esr/firefox-esr_91.6.0esr-1~deb11u1_amd64.deb 503 Service Unavailable [IP: 443]
E: Failed to fetch https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/parrotos/pool/main/l/linux/linux-headers-5.15.0-15parrot1-common_5.15.15-15parrot2_all.deb Hash Sum mismatch
Hashes of expected file:
- SHA256:472c14bf74133331811f6b1d5f6412125c3d0ee04a5774328a9ace4f5f166e10
- SHA1:5877125b20eecc36e5d58cf4afb411c3b55975ce [weak]
- MD5Sum:ef000ac14d4b650612a073f4ac9932b4 [weak]
- Filesize:9427532 [weak]
Hashes of received file:
- SHA256:e1c462699bc8b9b552d7b2fc8567e1763e5c3719083bd30cdd689d07a52aa2db
- SHA1:f9f9f5cad5d530f99b1c9bba79a6701678a83208 [weak]
- MD5Sum:2ec8f396897e7391ce248cbf64f95c12 [weak]
- Filesize:9427532 [weak]
Last modification reported: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 02:54:21 +0000
E: Failed to fetch https://edge1.parrot.run/parrot/pool/main/p/publicsuffix/publicsuffix_20211207.1025-0+deb11u1_all.deb 504 Gateway Timeout [IP: 443]

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Hi. Did you do sudo parrot-upgrade first? Otherwise try to change mirror.

How to change mirror???

Yes, I have tried that , as well as manually installing packages . It just doesn’t work.What I had to do is go down a version and install it and then update it from there and then upgrade full of grade at the end and then it gave me before installed upgraded version that was the only way around it