Have I correctly run firejail?

Is it just a matter of clicking Parrot start menu and tying firejail “run” after you downloaded with package manager? Cause I see a couple of programs saying (sandboxed), so I presume firejail is “on”?

And how do I switch off firejail? It appears to invisible I don’t see a control panel or anything like that for it, or a yellow border indicating something like a browser is being sandboxed.

KDE 4.11

Firejail hasn’t been used for quite some time. AppArmor is used on Parrot. Check our documentation.

I read the documentation and it appears it is preinstalled. Does AppArmor always run 24/7 without me having to do anything? I presume its invisible in the background and that is why I see some applications with “(sandboxed)” under Application Launcher.

I just marked firejail for “complete removal” using synaptic, I see a yellow cross and red cross marked above 2 green boxes. Have I done that correctly?

I think so, in any case Synaptic gives you a quick report of what you are going to change just before applying the operations you told it to do.