HDMI Problem


I am using parrot OS security edition , i have an HP omen Laptop.
my problem is i can’t connect my external monitor i just put the HDMI i tried “detect monitors” nothing happens when i run xrandr i get HDMI disconnected .

i tried to download the .run drivers for my Nvidia , shutdown server x , run the configuration , all library installed , rebooted my laptop retried to connect my second monitor but still the same it could not detect it .

( my second monitor is working fine i am using it now for my PC )

kindly help !
Best Regards.

It is weird because Dell laptop ( I used 2 different laptops of dell before) and my current PC works fine with 2 monitors. I am asking other guys in team. Hope they can help you as soon as possible.

thank you for your reply i just tried now the installation that you guys recommended in https://docs.parrotlinux.org/info/gpu-drivers/
i got now the nvidia x server but still can’t detect my external monitor
(it’s my first time using linux as my host OS )

It is weird. It should detect external monitor by default. Can you confirm your cable works perfectly? Can you check any error log in /var/log?

sorry for the late reply , yes the HDMI cable works fine

now when i connect my hdmi laptop screen blink (black screen then normal screen)

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I have an HP Pavilion and have the same problem :frowning:

my uname -a command result is:
Linux parrot 4.19.0-parrot4-28t-amd64 #1 SMP Parrot 4.19.28-2parrot4.28t (2019-04-18) x86_64 GNU/Linux

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