Hello? anyone there?

I wrote a lengthy topic yesterday as soon as I had signed up. It said that the post will need to be reviewed first. But nothing happened until now. I wonder if it just vanished and all the work has gone for nought…

And I wonder if this post will be just the same…
How many days will this take, if ever?

Is this project actually dead? No much response on both matrix rooms either…


Your post has been approved a few minutes ago from me, you can check yourself. The admins are not always in the forum to check all posts, and when they do it, it takes time for obvious reasons. So please try to have a little more patience, the project is not dead, it is more alive than ever, and we are hard working on the release of version 5.0, which will bring a lot of changes (here one of the developers has written a changelog, not yet official: Parrot 5.0 changelog (for now - not official yet)). On Matrix there is few people, we are very active on Telegram.

Oh. Telegram, I was hoping for matrix, but not much activity there.

It would help if user could see his pending posts.

Actually, I made this topic as a test. Sorry about that.

Best regards,


Yes, even on the social front there will be a little news, we are also reorganizing that.

Unfortunately Discourse probably doesn’t allow this, @tissy please check it.

Just seeing that there are pending topics/posts would already be helpful, I think.

To see your pending posts. go to your profile, switch to the Activity tab and on your left you should see a Pending section.
Unfortunately, this does not depend on us, but on Discourse’s source code. They recently implemented this feature.

I don’t see a pending section. I thought it might be because of the mobile view, but even on the desktop view, there is no such section…

Edit: And the Summary section also does not have such a field. I would have expected it there…