Hello everyone. Just joined the other day.

I thought I would say hello. I am a Linux noob.
I tried several Linux distros and Parrot is the one I selected to use mainly because of it’s security and the fact that it is using KDE Plasma.
Took quite a few days to successfully get my HP printer working and the surround sound to work.

I have questions about Anonsurf and Tor but I do not know which sub-forum to use
Would someone please point me to the appropriate forum?

If something isn’t working, put it in ‘support’.

If you just have general questions on how stuff works, ect… ect… then put it in ‘community’.

If we think something is in the wrong place moderators can always move it, so don’t worry too much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello McNut!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. I may have to pick your brain a little in the future as I haven’t even attempted to hook up my printer to my system mainly cause I never use my printer at home. But I know at some point I will probably need to do it.

Lots to learn in Parrot! But it’s fun!

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