Hello from Canada


I am new to Parrot OS and to this forum but not new to linux.

I have ParrotOS Security KDE version 4.8_exp6 installed and it runs like a dream on my low spec Acer Aspire E5-17. It is now my daily driver. Look forward to helping by donating money to this project. If any of you are enjoying POS, can I please suggest you doing the same.

Keep up the great work!


welcome to the forums Casey :slight_smile:

Thank you birdlover. Happy to be here. :smiley:

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I’m willing to do the same. If anyone can tell me how to, please. And if I can put it on my tax bill lol

Totally a Psitticaciforme. I learned a new word, and if you look into, you may get cool codenames for your “hack games” just based on parrot’s taxonomy

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