Hello to all and thank you

Hi all,
Recently, I had the chance to start an online university at the age of 52.
So, I thought why not do what I have always wanted to do and learn to do Pentesting and Programming. So after checking into many os’s, here I am at Parrot os.
I know it is an odd nickname my partner came up with it because of the beard and my learning and physical disabilities that make me grumpy.,

So thanks to the team for helping me over twitter.

Cantankerous Beard.


Hello, this is interesting, but where can I find the details of an online university?

Thank you for your attention, this is interesting.

Thats Great @CantankerousBeard !! :smile:

Something Tells Me You Have A Good Sense Of Choice :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t be disappointed :blush: The Parrot Community & Devs are really responsive & helpful. Let us know if you run into something that you think we may be usefull for.

Cheers! :smile:


Hi RedRuby.
Having fun learning. But life is always a learning experiance :slight_smile:

Well, first off starting to get it all setup for learning (picked python) to learn for my first language.
And go from there.

Cursed with a curse, blessed with a blessing (A.S.D)


i just wanan let you know that your thread inspired me and im now wanna learn python myself :slight_smile:
nothing is never to late !!!


I am glad to hear that FriendlyDude.
Good luck, and keep me posted how it is going.


Love parrot os and nice to meet you too !

Hi and welcome @dot_con_man @CantankerousBeard :slight_smile:

I love ParrotOS as well and it’s a good feeling to be part of Parrot :slight_smile:

Good luck for your studies @CantankerousBeard



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