Help! ! Ask the great gods for help.

My parrot often crashes during use. Why is this?
I was confused. During these two months, I used Parrot to crash numerous times during the operation.

Tell me about my situation:
When I first started using Parrot, I used rufus to write it into a USB flash drive in DD mirror mode. It was really fast and safe without pain. During the installation, I chose to install it on a solid state drive, and it is an encrypted installation. HOME, VAR, and TMP seem to be all separated. This time, I used the software recommended by Parrot to install and run the software that writes the image into the USB disk under Linux.

The parrot installed with the u disk written by rufus has no problems in those days, and it will often get stuck or some strange problems when used later.
I personally paid attention to it for a long time. It is often a single dialog box that is stuck first. After the card is dead, then the mouse can move other dialog boxes. Then, after three or four seconds, even other dialog boxes will be stuck. Some time ago, I installed it a dozen times in seven days…

I have installed it six or seven times recently. I noticed that it is easier for the U disk to be killed on the computer or it will be stuck when the file is stored on the secondary disk. Sometimes it is not. File transfer, there are some tools that are easily stuck when used. I still have a suspicion, that is, a windows boot is mounted on the linux selection interface on my computer system. Linux-based. Because I personally think that Microsoft is not a good thing. .

Personal habits: I like to disable IPV6 in five collected ways directly after installation, and then use the parrot mirror station of Kali University of Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, and then make various pattern settings. But these last few times I have not used KALI’s mirror station. I dare not even use the debian mirror site. That’s it… Still stuck.

I use kali to install kde to become a parrot, but without parsing the parrot server, the anonymous effect doesn’t feel so good. Although it will not be stuck (in fact, when I changed back to kali, I used gnome to get stuck a few times, but later I didn’t get stuck.)

Has anyone told me how to fix it? I started to feel that my computer’s firmware was going to be damaged by it… I was confused. These problems prevented me from learning hacking skills. Install the system all day. Think about it, from March to now I have reinstalled the system no less than 70 times, although not all of these seventy times are returned to the parrot. . . I just want to study this system well because I really like it. . . But it left me a lot of time…

Is it okay to ask the gods to help solve the problem?

Wiki suggests only using dd command or Etcher for best Parrot copy results:

I would suggest starting there as other writers have problems writing the iso properly, some of which may not be noticeable at first.

Ok! I will try now! Thank you God for your guidance.

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