Help me setup new dns servers

Briefly describe your issue below:
It’s not a problem with the Os in particular but would be good to know in simple steps.
Parrot comes with 3 different dns servers. They rotate itself constantly. That is good if you are using your home connection and if the isp freak outs you can just tell them there’s nothing wrong however if you are for example at friends network or public wifi it can be bad if the admins see someone with dns servers constantly changing like if we were Gandalf of the multiple colors (after defeating the Balrog of Moria for more reference if you have read the Tolkien books) and this dns are resolving to a pentesting distro mirror called ParrotOs…
There is not much anonimity in this behavour. Can be considered secure though but not that much anonymous.
It’s also an issue when using vpns at least in my case because even with vpn the dns servers of parrot are overriding the vpns dns and also rotating with Robin Round option written in resolv.conf
So here is the thing… how can I change the dns?
Maybe the way is really simple and I don’t get it, so, if someone knows I would really appreciate it and I bet some other new people would like to know how.
(I understand people could consider me lazy for not figuring this by myself; afterall this is a pentesting distro doh. I am personally using it as my normal Os too though. Even so I would appreciate if someone can give some hints)
Thank you.

I basically solved it for my needs by adding two new dns servers in the network manager by checking dhcp links only and adding two dns servers which would fit (as in location) for the vpn I normally use (they come first in order so they are the ones used)
Not sure why a few times default isp dns would override both parrot dns and the dns I wrote in the network manager…
Changing again the dns servers in the network manager and disconnecting and connecting made the dns I had written to work again.
Just writing this so the thread I created does have an end.