Help, my system proxy and system clock.

Hello, everyone here.

I have been confused by a problem for more than ten days recently.

At first, I always used clash for linux to link the world. I don’t know if you have used this thing.

For the old version of clash, I used to unzip it directly under the HOME directory, and then chmod +x xxx.xx-clash-for-linux-amd64.

Then run it as ./. Then give the permissions of the two built-in files in .config/clash/. Go to to enter the API password to verify it.

But this method is not effective now, probably because I am a novice. I don’t know much.

I am confused why it is not working now. Now: I used V2 to replace it temporarily, and something interesting happened when I used V2.

When online proofreading, it prompts me that the computer time is 22222 seconds away from the network time… Then I changed it from this to that after reading a lot of information;

So that the time is now changed, but the digital time on my kde preset panel is not displayed. Please tell me what to do.

As for clash for linux, if anyone is willing to give pointers, I would be very grateful. I like parrot, and I like this the most for linux systems.

Can anyone help me?

Is this the Clash you are talking about?

Does Clash have user support?

Yes, my parrot has been unable to use this thing since 2020.12.22. It caused great inconvenience to my use of parrots on cn.

I have also checked a lot of information and tried many tools and methods on GITHUB, but none of them worked. I am a newbie who has used it recently, although I am crazy about this one. Crazy learning all kinds of skills, but when I saw those tools, the first feeling I felt was not excitement, but panic…so I came here, because for those of us who don’t use parrots for too long There is a natural feeling, the feeling of home in the Internet, at least here, we can find a little to rely on. It’s not that I am blindly looking for a solution without necessarily finding it. I love it here. Love everyone here.

If anyone can help me, I will provide a subscription address for them.