Help PLZ !!!

Okay so i just got the new xps 13 9380 and tried making parrot os security with KDE my primary os and in the making had some problems for one it said it couldn’t find a Ethernet card and gave me like 50 suggestions i have no clue what any of them meant. and i couldn’t leave in the process to ask the forums before i continued which nearly messed up my laptop because i got a blue screen but thank god ctr alt delete some how got me out of there. but yeah did i make a mistake getting this laptop or is there a better wait to get this to work?

you have not made any mistake in getting the laptop .all you just have to do look for the model and brand name of ur machine so that they may see whether is available in the parrot OS drivers list , if not it will be added by the team.

i have the xps 13 (9370) and what should i say … almost everything works.
ok, the fingerprintscanner is not working. :slight_smile:
I don´t use the camera so I cant say anything about it

Dualboot with Win10 (bitlocker encrypted) and grub password (for parrot) works fine.

So please tell me (us) what is not working and give us more informations like descriped HERE

What is your native language … maybe we can talk german?


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