Help understand default python installation for Parrot Home Ed.

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Hello. I’m new to Linux in general, but have a questions specific to python installation on Parrot OS. I can see that Python is installed by default. I can find that there are folders for python2.7, 3 and 3.9 in /usr/lib but only commands python3 and python3.9 are recognized, not python2.7. So whats up with that?

Also, Installed pip as afaik it didnt come pre-installed, so after installing it I checked pip list and found that many packages are listed. Why does pip recognize these if they weren’t installed by it? What are these packages used for? Do I need them? Is there a guide or a list over all the pre-installed packages and what they are meant for?

Finally, with regards to both of the questions above, if I wanted to uninstall python and python libraries/dependencies, how can I do so? My idea is that since I dont understand the pre-installed python configuration, I would like to get rid of it, and preferably install a new one in its own virtualenv.

py 2.x was dropped in 2020.

Hi. Several packages require it, and if you have the security edition, many tools need to have it installed.

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