[Help]Wifi hack

hi … i want to hacking into wifi … i have tried everything in the parrot but so far none of the programs have cracked it…
is there anyone who can help me or have someone who works

what programs have you tried?

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wifite2 and airgeddon

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When you say you want to “hack” into wifi, what exactly is your goal?

  • Do you want to mount a backdoor on a modem/router?
  • Do you want to steal handshakes?
  • Do you want to manipulate someones wireless network?

Each of those tasks need different approach. Make sure to analyze your target & decide a specific approach before starting the process.

Systems like Parrot, Blackarch, Kali & Backbox have sufficient tools to achieve those tasks.


I’m not an expert, but in my opinion I would recommend a few tools for easing your troubles. I would suggest hak5 there products are good quality. Good luck.

Best tools are bully with pixie-dust and aircack-ng with wordlist rockyou.txt

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wps-bruteforce would be quite easy weak spot to break into if @koulour is trying to get internal wireless access (Unless he means something else by “I want to hacking into wifi”)

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Only on AP’s with WPS enabled and without any timeouts between failed authentication, you won’t (shouldn’t) find any AP’s still using those outdated methods without mitigations.

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Most consumers (not commercial ones) don’t invest in a good wireless router that pushes patches and updates regularly since cheap ones with a lot of basic features out there are available. Nor do they flash them with any opensource firmware rather than using the stock ones, which is a sad reality actually. I’ve seen people use models from 2009 till date with degraded performance and no patch since over a decade, option of using WEP still a choice but since “they do the job of giving internet to me” ; they are comfortable using it,

A lot of routers even these days comes with WPS enabled by default and no intervals between invalid authentication attempts. Getting into a local wireless network via bruteforcing WPS is still a major yet most easy option.

me wifi hax 2. pls send pasward wifi parot


  1. wifite or
  2. airgreddon

I think it’s the best way to hack or crack wifi password.
When you have proper knowledge about these software.
or you are new please google it before attack , know about it how its work and see some tutorial on youtube.

A few days ago some idea came out. Using social eng.:

use hostapd-wpe to create WPA Enterprise fake router, with same SSID of the victim.

Them, use mdk4 or aireplay-ng to disconnect people from the router target

So, after minutes or hours they will see 2 routers with the same SSID, some of than gonna try reconnect and reset the password to both.

In Enterprise you have to enter user and pass, but they won’t know that, and they will type password in field of User and let Pass field black. Well, User field is unencryted, so you gonna see the password in plain text.

I didn’t test it yet, but it is a possible alternative attack.

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