Help with the OS theme.

Hey, I have been using Parrot OS since the 3.2 version and I like the operating system a lot ! It’s very good for Penetration Testing.
I’ve seen YouTube videos, where people use the Acvamarin theme version, and I prefer that theme.
I already downloaded the theme and installed it on the current version, but it’s very bugged (ex: the shell and the icons). I installed it adding repositories and then install it through the terminal using ‘apt-get install acvamarin’ but it’s bugged the same.
I would like to get an image of the last version of Parrot OS using the acvamarin theme, or someone teach me how to install the theme correctly so it doesn’t get bugged.

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the acvamarin theme is pretty old and it is not compatible with modern gtk versions

the only way to use acvamarin is to update its code or rewrite it from scratch

Actually i modified Icy-dark theme with cyan color, similars acvamarin. If there is a new icon pack for theme, it will be good. But, i think it is not important. There are a lot of things to do instead of awesome theme.

if you want to work on that, we can include your custom acwamarin-ish theme in the repo

Actually it is a cyan color of icy dark theme without icons and other things. It doesn’t event be completed. And in my opinion, it is not necessary for using OS. There are many guys want to use Parrot because of Acvamarin theme - It is not how Parrot OS work.