Hotspot issues after update (DNS)

Release 4.7 64-bit
Kernel Linux 5.4.0-1parrot1-amd64 x86_64
MATE 1.22.2
First off i want to thank RightToPrivacy for your swift response to my other thread I clicked “solution” before i replied and got locked out… anyhow firejail was enabled and firefox was NOT running as root! :smiley:

Now this next bug has been bugging be for a while. After updating parrot my iphone’s hotspot stopped working properly on my computer. I can access and i can also ping those two websites via the terminal but NOTHING ELSE, if I go to or try to ping it, its completely dead even if i use the ip addr for the site, it doesn’t work… (this pic shows ping to and too
I’ve also tested my iPads hotspot, no luck. heres my ifconfig when connected to my iPhone .School and home Wi-Fi work fine its just my hotspots, i think the my phone if running off of ipv6 idk if that has anything to with it, but it seems to be a DNS issue on parrot.
Please help, i really need to be able to use my laptop on the road…

kind regards and thank you in advance!

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You’re quite welcome :slight_smile:

About this situation, first let’s try to narrow things down a bit. Can you connect to another wifi network as in NOW, as in after the update to be sure it still works? Is it possible you tried before the update and are remembering it working then?

I just want to be sure we aren’t making a false comparison.

If it is only happening when connected to your phone hotspot and nothing else, it sounds like a problem with your phone hotspot rules/options/firewall.

If it is happening on all networks, then it would be safe to say it is your Linux machine.

The only disconnect is why it would work on other networks but not your phone network. This almost makes it sound like your phone hotspot is the problem.

Can you check your dns settings and firewall settings? You aren’t using Anonsurf during these problems are you? (Some people forget they need to restart browser after stopping anonsurf).

What is the response in the terminal when you try to connect to duckduckgo or another reliable website? Can you even telnet to their web address? like port 80/443? What is the response?

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got it working! i was able to add my ipv6 DNS info and now its resolving again on my iphone! sorry for wasting your time :frowning:

All i did was create a new wifi profile for my iphone and added ipv6 DNS addrs on in the ipv6 tab.

kind regards.

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