Houston ! got my powerline hacked -.-

Good day, nights, whatever its there , community!

To more than one of it must happen to him, my wifi was being hacked for evil activities, I had to go to powerline,
They are extremely profecionales or have profecionales.
For those who say that powerline is safe …

My powerline is being permanently hacked, I must turn off the modem because here in Uruguay the internet provider does not help in these case,

Mainly because of this I started to join parrot, I already put a raspberry registering everything and simply, delete the logs.

What could be done in this case? , create a cloud it? , they would also erase everything.

When people do not care about anything … what action would us take? if someone surf in this powerline, it is unstoppable.

When I log in with parrot or some defense system, they just disconect , what would they do in this case? , knowing that you want to use netflix and your powerline is being used to dont know what…

The only option is not to use the internet, but if your parents wants to watch netflix or use her PC she will use the modem,

They have managed to connect a router to the poweline and transmit via Wi-Fi, it is not Europe’s computer crime units that are just developing. -.-

Well I not understand actual case

But you abwl to stop their connection by using Amzkill

pip install Amzkill 

If Your Router admin password /powerline get hacked , contact to provider && Be remember Change Your
Router Username && password which used for configuration & setup network

probably i think Your Configuration username & password they get & able to set your WiFi in their router

In such cases victim gets Configuration password , that’s why able to get into getway and changed again password

It’s useless to use IMEI blocking system on router because they also able to change by getting into getway

Immediately contact to your provider , Force him to change your username and password for Pelop4 or whatever config

Temporary use any Packet sniffer and ARP tools for blocking them

(they connected to your network 😁 just think and do it)

And change Question/this-post category to Random

MMm, good.

(YOu are pro , its imposible hack an powerline without wifi , is not in the same powerline connection… , no?)

If you seee wireshark logs… , radio comunications to make deals , and real evil activitys , im from uruguay , south america.

, and is not my wifi , they connect an powerline and to these powerline connect wifi ,

and its powerline in 7 aptaments , if i change username and passwd / modem , they will recconect to powerline and keep and keeep and keep , its strange every house has diferent electricty counter , but in some way they connect.

I cant block 43749847897 botnets , these kids got good contacts if you know what i mean…

haha,good hint. but , damn.

i had been , nuked ,

No System Is Safe Anything Can Be Hacked, Just You Need The Skill How To Start
Why you have posted as you are confused of your system security, Think that you don’t even know the meaning of hacking

true. no safe padlock , if need to be open , have some way to open. security disappears in the same way as privacy

Can you track processes?

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Dmk space cadet , what you mean with track process?

Example , you download parrot from brasil , then update , there is one grup added /slice.group/1000 , wich is conected with process of xerox corporation under process spi2 , and some colombia extrange companies , and and and and and , and if keep researching the group derivate you to strange activityes connected to bus , so when turn on looks normal sweet parrot , and is connected under brain reseach and loot of things… , so i dont usit full time , maybe usit 20 min per day , just learning how to clean , put correct this parrot will take 1 week outside the country , haha.

That is what you mean?

I meant can you track any process in your system that connects to C&C?

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would take long time im not profecional

If you don’t want to do nothing, why you created this topic? Do you wait for professional pentester’s to check your network or “power line” whatever is it? Nobody gonna do such a research for free, search for local security engineers and hire them for help.

NOBODY will do your work. This is not how the forum works.