How 2 avoid installation of hacking apps

Hello all,

I really like Parrot OS KDE invironment but I don’t feel myself confortable with huge amount of strange apps downloading on my PC, especially when i don’t know how to use them.

Is there any way to avoid installation of these tools and perform only system components upgrade?


P.S. “Title cant be more than 40 characters!!!” Is it really 21st century??

use parrot-home! :wink:
you can also remove all the hacking apps with a oneliner. It can be found with a little bit of searching here in the forum! :wink:

I will, next time maybe! Woot? Oneliner? Didn’t find anything…

sudo apt purge parrot-tools


sudo apt purge parrot-tools-full

not sure :slight_smile:


Thanks man!

Download Parrot Home instead of Parrot Security.

yes, because titles have to be short and concise, otherwise they are confusing, hard to read and easy to skip, destroying the user experience of the forum

it is not a technical limitation, it is a UX limitation


My friend, could you also tell me what is the difference between iptables commands

iptables -A …and… iptables -I

i find them pretty similar, am I wrong? I can’t find any clear explanation

with A you will append one or more rules TO THE END of the selected chain
with I you will insert one or more rules in the selected chain AS THE GIVEN RULE NUMBER.

iptables works from 1 to xxx. If you allow something to the end and block it on top … it will be blocked! :wink:
Hope this helps you to see clear … :slight_smile:

nice try… xD

Thank you! Goodbye!

no wait,

i dont understand what the hell is that mean?

:TCP - [0:0]
:UDP - [0:0]
They are similar:
" I " -> Insert, you can insert somewhere, example: insert on 3rd place.
" A " Append to the chain of rules.
According to this documentation :smiley:

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