How can I help?

(Oaken) #1

Hi there… Could someone point me in the right direction here… I’m interested in volunteering some time, energy, (very limited) skill toward the Parrot project and I’d like to talk with someone about where I could be of use.
Thank you in advance.


So there are a variety of ways you can help us, if you don’t have a lot of skills donating really helps. That said, not everyone has the finances to donate. If you know how to package deb packages and work as an apt maintainer we could use your skills. If you don’t have any skills in particular you can start by learning them, and if you see something is wrong or broken you can go to and submit a merge request to make a change.

Some skills that are really beneficial for working on the project:

  • Git
  • GPG
  • Programming (all languages are good C and and Python in particular)
  • Writing good documentation and tutorials for users.
  • APT (the packager Parrot uses)
  • experience with OpenRC
  • Learning how gitlab works (nest is a gitlab instance)
    I would look at EdX for skill set improvement and reading all the documentation both on our portal and all of debian’s docs as much of their docs are applicable.

Please pm me if you have questions

(Oaken) #3

Lol… Not sure how to pm you… But I don’t mind saying publicly that; I am not proficient with any code langs (yet!), do not know how to package (apt or otherwise), or any of the other things you mentioned!! However, I am exited to learn almost anything and hove been engaging with some online resources (things like freecodecamp and udemy) but am eager to pitch in on a project and interact with the community more…
I am proficient in English (Engl Literature major) so I could offer some ability with writing as you mentioned and I’m also willing (and eager) to be tutored on any more technical tasks. As I mentioned, I am utilizing some free resources to learn but I’m a social animal, to be sure, and would benefit from the discussion, ability to ask questions, etc…
And the one thing I can certainly offer right now is TIME… That I have plenty of.

ps. I’d love to donte some skrill as well but alas, I’m only recieving disability beneifits currently.