How do I install printer on Parrot

Hi there guys I installed cup already, I have Hp envy 5640 Printer. When I add printer>Choose printer model>There is no my model in the list. There is also alternative options to Provide a PPD File.
But I cannot find it and really I do not know what is that file. I would be grateful if somebody help me to fix that.

Thank you

Try this:

Select Debian as the distro. This will download a .run file.

For the file do chmod +x

then, to run it:

It’ll say some nonsense about parrot not being found. First select ‘Y’ to continue auto installation. Then press ‘C’ to do custom. Select ‘1’ next for debian. Then ‘0’ for unknown. Then ‘C’ for class drivers. Then ‘i’ for install package. Then type your sudo password when it asks.

  • This may not work, considering I don’t have the printer. Just went through it myself to see if I could figure it out and help.
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I just do excatly as you told>After sudo password its try to install MISSING DEPENDENCIES
and I have for sure internet connection on.


note: Installation of dependencies requires an active internet connection.
warning: Missing REQUIRED dependency: cups-devel (CUPS devel- Common Unix Printing System development files)
warning: This installer cannot install ‘cups-devel’ for your distro/OS and/or version.
error: Installation cannot continue without this dependency. Please manually install this dependency and re-run this installer.

Package-Name Component Required/Optional
libnetsnmp-devel network REQUIRED
sane-devel scan REQUIRED
pyqt4-dbus gui_qt4 REQUIRED
cups-devel base REQUIRED
reportlab fax OPTIONAL
libusb base REQUIRED
libtool base REQUIRED
cups-image base REQUIRED
xsane scan OPTIONAL
libjpeg base REQUIRED
dbus fax REQUIRED
avahi-utils network OPTIONAL

I try to install them manually from terminal IE:
sudo apt-get install libnetsnmp-devel

but I get error "E: Unable to locate package libnetsnmp-devel"
Same error for other packages.

Thank you.

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you can try sudo apt-get -f install that should search for dependencies and install them.

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Still Error

sudo apt-get -f install libnetsnmp-devel
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package libnetsnmp-devel

Thank you.

the development files are included in packages ending with -dev, not -devel, which is a deprecated standard no longer used in debian since ages

So that’s mean I cannot use my printer in Parrot? I cannot belive…

Of course, you can use the printer in the parrot.
Simply you will need to download your printer driver in linux, then install the cups on your pc.
http: // localhost: 631 /

You can use this steps to Install- Open a Shell Terminal emulator window, Download HP Printer Driver Installer .run for Linux Parrot Security OS, Linux Parrot Security OS HP Printer Driver Installation, and How-to Getting-Started with HP Scanner on Linux. If you use Canon Printer then you can contact Canon Printer Support regarding all the error in Canon Printer.

do NOT install hplip from the hp website, install it from the parrot repository instead, and don’t forget to install AND START the cups daemon

or you could setup the web print feature with the printers display menu and use the URL/email print feature I believe. (I glanced over the docs on HP’s website and it appears to have that feature (I also have an HP 4650 printer so I beleieve its the same service). you dont even need to install or configure any drivers, just have it print the page instructing you how to activate and it will assign you an email or URL address.

hello, great discussion on the topic I just find a solution of the install hp envy 4500 printer if anyone has just shared here.