How do i Run Tor over wifi accespoint in Parrot OS

hey friends :slight_smile: i was wondering if any of you guys knows how to make wifi accespoint run over tor in parrot OS :slight_smile:

i edited my thread Sry for bad english but im really trying to learn so i can teach other in the future :slight_smile:

can we have more details pls?

i just wanna know if its possible to make a wifi network that run over TOR
and how to do it if anybody here knows how to do it in Parrot OS

Doesn’t matter bro, when you launch TOR Browser the traffic goes through TOR nodes and it’s encrypted. Thus, the wifi packets are encrypted, it won’t show the real ip.

tor hides the user ip. it doesn’ t encrypt traffic!
the most importend thing when using tor is to disable javascript and to have a look at your dns data! they should goes through tor

or if you plan to build an wifi accesspoint with tor funtionallity?

You have to understand network model. All your data will run over your network. If you want it be safe, use encrypted protocols.

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it has nothing to do with being safe is just something i wanna try out for fun :slight_smile:
i was thinking something similare to this but with Parrot OS on my Laptop instead of a Raspberry Pi

i was still wondering over "How to make a wifi network that runs over tor in Parrot OS "
look at the website above ,

Yes i wanna try build a wifi accesspoint that runs over Tor in Parrot OS on my laptop :slight_smile:

but i don’t know how to do it and i seak a guide somewhere that might be able to help :slight_smile:

Yes i wanna try build a wifi accesspoint that runs over Tor in Parrot OS on my laptop :slight_smile:
but i don’t know how to do it and i seak a guide somewhere that might be able to help :slight_smile:

I thought so
pls have a look at THIS
Its for raspberry pi but with a little bit of imagination …


i only would do that if i have the knowledge for that! :wink:

using a wifi AP with tor looks nice but its very unsecure if you dont be carefull!!
Watch THIS

ups, you need a precompiled version of hostapd … and the version from this tuto is for raspberry … so, forget it.
or does someone have a better solution?

First of all Thanks a lot for answering :slight_smile: , and i already have seen that youtube video (but thanks for telling me anyways :)) , and i also know that typing in personal information on Tor is probably not the best idea in the world , and im not planing for it either , i wanna try make a Wifi accespoint over Tor for fun on Parrot OS instead of using a Pi :slight_smile:

yeah, thats cool mate!!
Try a little bit around … and if it works write a little howto :slight_smile:
there are many ways for doing that.

hostapd is for the accesspoint
then you have to route the wifi traffic inside tor.

##Type the following to route all TCP traffic from interface wlan0 to port 9040 (TransPort in our torrc)

sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i wlan0 -p tcp --syn -j REDIRECT --to-ports 9040

Thank you sir a lot !! i promise that i will make a little “How To” when i try it out :slight_smile:

i have been using parrot OS for everyday use (Browsing and normal stuff so and speak )for at least a year without any problems what so ever and recently decided that is time for me to learn more about linux and the great Parrot community so i can contribute back in the future and maybe help people with problems :slight_smile:


maybe you have a old laptop or vm for testing that. dont test it on your production machine

i have a laptop that i can test it on :slight_smile: (but thanks for pointing it out incase some other read it)

it reminds me of actually for a while ago i made anonsurf
run and then i connected my vmware to the network and made a wifi accespoint inside my vmware
and that wifi accespoint had a Tor ip when i was checking “What is my ip” when i was connected to the wifi accespoint
(this was before Parrot OS got problems with vmware and the kernels , btw if anybody knows a fix for this please tell me and i do consider trying KVM but haven’t got into it yet )

I recently did this to an old router I had laying around…I only use it for fiddling around though.

Thanks so much for the input :smiley: everything is usefull for me !! :smiley:

i probably have a router somewhere there support DD-WRT :smiley:

im here to do a update i see a few people like to watch this thread witch make me think a few people are interested in this ,

i will try make make a acespoint running over Tor as fast as possible im
just still have to learn some more “Basic linux” so im sure i make the guide right

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I would really love to hear the way you make the connection work. Let us know once you’ve made it :slight_smile: