how does Parrot hide MAC address

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in an earlier post it`s written:

->Tails cannot hide your MAC address when running indside a VM. Only Parrot
->can do this when anonsurf_start is confirmed to be active.

How does Porrot hide the MAC address? By spoofing it with macchanger?
And why this can this not be accomplished with Tails?

Thank’s a lot for any clarification!



…inside a vm!! Thats the importent thing
Your vm has a virtuell network card connected to the physical card via nat or bridge to the host.

Not sure how to describe …

When you connect your computer to your (or another) router/gateway, your mac will be used to communicate. If you dont want that your device could be identified (mac vendor) you can change your mac and you are done. [Layer2]
If you want to hide your IP in the i-net, you can use a vpn,tor (anonsurf) etc. to do that [Layer3]
Hope this helps


Thank’s for the feedback. Hmm MAC-spoofing should be possible with all distros…

But why only Parrot can hide the MAC address when anonsurf_start is confirmed to be active?



I got this information from:

thats a general,cause you can activate anonsurf or manual change use macchanger to random but i prefer doing both

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Because Parrot Development team have edited the raw anonsurf code to make it a lot better. Unlike the raw barebone kali-anonsurf available on github, I saw the raw code and saw the code of parrot’s anonsurf, realized that parrot’s anonsurf does more task in improving users privacy, which is the core point of using anonsurf. Improving privacy.


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