How to access a USB?


i am new to parrot os. I dont know how to access files from a usb. i created a partition using gparted as fat32. I have plugged in my usb, then in terminal i gave the commands as

-> sudo fdisk -l
it showed all the partitions but none was of my usb name, so i assumed the one with fat32 can be mounted.

-> then i created a directory as USB
-> mount /dev/sda4 USB
(did the commands using root as well as username)
nothing happens…

sorry if i sound like a newbie, but i cannot access the files which are in my usb.

when I plug my usb stick in I see him immediately in the file manager!
have you already tried another stick?

open a terminal and have a look at

sudo dmesg

when you insert the stick

Yes it detects, how do i access its folder now?

please show me the output!

It’s showing alot of options got some of em in this picture, first it was detecting usb(including the options) but now its not,

can you try another usb stick/disc?

Ok i will,

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