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could I somehow access this thread:"doesn't+boot+after+installation"&"doesn't+boot+after+installation"&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1575.7576..7829...0.0..0.116.2299.33j1…0…1…gws-wiz.8mqDpT_ovOw ?

It seems like the exact problem I have, but the site is already gone. Some other are still here, but no luck with the one I need.


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so whats your problem ? this is the new forums so why not ask what your problem is here ? from your google search link it shows “” doesnt load after install ? but your wrong because it does load

I appreciated that you searched :heavy_check_mark:.

You can find this topic in This forum also or create new topic with Your issue

That’s not the problem, just open the google link. It mentions boot problems, not problems with loading web resources.

I see, not much luck then, but I’ll try to find the answer somewhere alse and if I have no luck, I’ll ask. I just thought this might be really easy since someone else seems to have had the same problem like I do right now.
Thank you for your answer.

Thanks for your asnwer, I’ll search a bit more and if nothing comes out of it, I’ll ask here in the forum.

very old solutions may not work on the latest version, this is why we dropped the old forum and migrated to the new one

please describe us your issue so that we can give you an official solution for the latest version, or tell you the right things to search if you really want to try to fix things on your own

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