How to bypass Cloudflare and see real Hosting IP

I want to see some website more information, like real hosting IP/name. It’s been behind Cloudflare I tried tools from Github like Cloudmare/Cloudunflare which cannot figure out any information from that website. “Cloudfail” have some errors when I try to run python script on website. Is there any recon tool on parrot which I can try? Or any method which shows me more information about this website. (I don’t want to share website publicly, but could on PM if needed. It’s seems btw good secure website.

@qatarairways , Parrot Security has a handful of tools that may help you in this case, try:

  1. nmap
  2. dmitry
  3. whatweb
  4. nikto
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Already after studying it, I achieved my goal. Thanks for a tips am sure they will be helpful to me and other people!