How to check if my installation has been hacked?

Im running the latest version of parrot home, I have a lot of iptables rules set which should prevent any hacking attempts although the usual ports such as 443 and 80 are open, anyway today my chrome started to minimise itself then enlarge itself multiple times during a 1 minute period, the cursor didnt appear to move though as i was making the browser big it would go smaller, does that sound like a hack? is it likely limited to chrome, any ideas how I could check if the system has been hacked.

think, if this happens on my system … first of all, i would disconnect it from any network! :slight_smile:
when its scripted … it will continue
when someone controll the system remotly … it will stop immediately.

with chrome driver you can remote control chrome …
dont know if the some exploids for chrome available to control it like descripted.
and next question … who should be so stupid to do it … visible? :slight_smile:

maybe rkhunter could find something … but for sure many falls positive.

Thanks for your help, It hasnt happened since, I wonder if it was a touchpad error, I think I should sandbox chrome I just dont know how to od it without command line.

Hey @spark :slight_smile:

Not much of a help but there is this awesome tool called unix-privesc-sec that comes preinstalled in parrotsec. The tool checks a lot of security settings, running processes and file permissions.

Works great to rectify if a file has been modified or is there any vulnerable setting that you should patch which otherwise may let an unauthorised intruder in the system.

Source code avaiable here

Usage: unix-privesc-check <standard> | <detailed>

“standard” mode: Speed-optimised check of lots of security settings.

“detailed” mode: Same as standard mode, but also checks perms of open file
handles and called files (e.g. parsed from shell scripts,
linked .so files). This mode is slow and prone to false
positives but might help you find more subtle flaws in 3rd
party programs.

Speaking of chrome, ever thought giving a more privacy oriented browser thats build on chromium engine? Have a look at THIS thread

Cheers! :blush:

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Thanks! :), Im having a bit of issue with setting up multiple monitors with parrot on my system, but hopefully I can get it up and running then I can try what you suggested.

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