How to disable parrot updater and cust bootsplash?

Hello all,

I would like to disable the automatic parrot updater that pops up every boot. I already disabled it in startup, but it keeps getting back. How do I remove this entry?

I would like to use a different boot loading screen (bootsplash).
I already had a different one than the stock parrot, however with some update (standard apt dist-upgrade) this was reverted.
How can I set a different bootsplash and not override it?

2* - If you are using KDE Plasma Desktop Environment
Go to System Settings -> Appearance -> Workspace Theme -> Splash Screen
Then select the theme you want and save it

Can you share your screen shot of Startup window or at least the name you disabled?

It would be easy with google. It should be as same as debian or ubuntu

So you mean, my already set custom bootsplash was overwritten by the same process as on debian or ubuntu and replaced with the stock one?

The method you use to change splash screen is as same as these 2 distro. In fact, Parrot is a Debian-base distro so you can use Parrot as same as Debian. Any system changes, any configurations,…

Grub-customizer anyone? The answer is you need to change the configuration file that gets updated and when apt tries to change it select not modify it. But that requires any option is the package thats being updated or a some post invocation script but I don’t know enough about it. The later of course doesn’t prevent the screen from changing instead it would just automate the process of replacing the stock image with a set desired one.
You try looking up “how to change splashscreen persistent/permanently debian/ubuntu” or something like that?

dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

change boot loading screen to what you wish

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