How To find your error solution

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Hello all ,
I am Amzker

How To Find Your error solution

As You seeking for your error Solution ; There is Some methods Amd step if you follow That Your Problem Get much easier

  1. First Search Ypur Error in Forum , With different different Releted Title And in Category

    • Have issue that OS Not starting

So firstly i open forum then search Parrot Not Booting
Blank screen after grub etc …

  1. If You Not find solution or topic related to Your error

    2.1 ) simply create new topic with appropriate category

    2.2 ) Give Superb Title ; In which Your error fully understand or else
    But don’t create title like need urgent help or help please
    I know Sometime need urgent help , when you mess with father or grandfather PC​:joy::joy::joy: , But still That not Good

    2.3 ) Describe Your Issue With full information
    Attach Image of error ( best)
    Always Upload logs [ very helpful for understand Your error]
    And Which which try you already done

  2. Wait For Reply :grin::hugs:

    • When someone is free and know solution he/she help.without worry

Major Question/Error

  1. Not booting After upgrade
    Boot in older kernel till You Not get solution
    acpi=off sometimes helps

  2. Installation failed
    -use etcher for making bootable USB
    If want to dual boot then simple delete partiton and give guided partition selection

  3. OpenVPN / Anonsurf /Tor releted or Any VPN releted

This 3 issue and some other . I think already have enough topic
So directly search and get solution or describe there

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