How to get data from external mac ssd

Hi to all, Im new on linux since my macbook pro now is in the repair service and I got a new lenovo thunkpad, so Im using parrot which one looks better than the macintosh and with latte dock it rocks.

I have two months of work on my macbook and I have the ssd here connected on an usb port trying to get my work to continue here using my new laptop but it gives me an error saying: An error occurred while accessing ‘223.4 GiB Removable Media’, the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sdb2 at /media/alberto/b06a7ed7-d4c2-48be-9543-9459a381f6d7: unknown filesystem type 'apfs’

I have a bit knowledge on linux but Im not an expert and Im afraid to lose my data from the ssd.
What I want to get is just the htdocs folder from my localhost.

Thank you.

You need to install the filesystem utils libfsapfs-utils.

Yes I did that but I dont know why it doesnt allow me to enter into the ssd files, I resolved getting some files using imac of a friend but Im still curious and will try it since I have backuperd everything now.

Anonymouse Surf is also awesome evreryday loving much more the parrot os.

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apfs is Apples proprietary file system. Therefore, it has to be reverse engineered before it can be used with Linux systems.

Currently open source solutions can only read the file system, they cannot write to it. :frowning:

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