How to get Parrot OS entry in boot options

Usually when I install a Ubuntu distribution with in dual boot with windows, I get boot entry in boot device option for Ubuntu, while if it’s the case of Parrot of Kali, It happens so, it overrides windows boot loader and creates a new entry for Windows in it’s grub menu. Is there any method to achieve something similar to Ubuntu

If you mean add Parrot as boot entry in Windows boot loader, his might have some info for you:

what exactly are you trying to say? be more specific please
ubuntu install grub as like Parrot that has entry of Windows as well.
That is same for Parrot OS as well.

I mean if I install

  1. Ubuntu:
    At boot, I press f12 and get into boot options
    Then there are two entries one WIndows boot loader and other Ubuntu
    I click on Ubuntu and it loads

  2. Parrot
    At boot, I press f12 and get into boot options
    Then there is only entry Hard disk
    Now my system by default starts grub and from there I have to choose the Windows entry

I want the parrot os to appean in boot device options list

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