how to install Mysql-server 5.7 ?

I installed the default mysql-server and the default-mysql-server-core as shown in the above link. MariaDb is installed by this . It is compatible with mysql but in some cases it is not. Before installing the default version of mysql offererd by the parrot os I tried to install mysql-server5.7 but the same error occurs as in the above link. So is there a way which I can install the mysql-server5.7
I’m using parrot os 4.5

You will have to get the .deb files from the mysql website then install it manually. Or you could add their apt repository and install it that way.

Just uninstall all the mariadb stuff and follow the instructions on their website.

this eeror you show us just say you must start mysql service with

service mysql start

It says Mysql is not supported in parrot. Is there a way now ?

It just doesnt recognize the distribution name. You can try selecting ‘debian stretch’, but you might get unsatisfiable dependencies in a big mess of version numbers.

Might be worth trying snap. Otherwise you are probably best off sticking with mariadb.

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I installed by sudo apt install mariadb-server and everything worked well for me. If repository is missing packages, it is maintaining problem and we will fix it soon


I think it’ll be better to stick with MariaDB. Thank you all for your guidance and help.
If anything changes regarding this problem with mysql please let me know Thnx again.

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