How To Install ParrotOS with Rufus

I just wanted to put this here, on the forum, so that people knew how it works!

Don’t Use Rufus.

Go here and follow those directions. The TLDR is “use Balena Etcher” or dd .

That is all. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Well my question is why do you think people who uses rufus and asks for support actually uses search button :rofl:


Since so many Windows-using Parrot n00bs try using Rufus instead of the documented Etcher or dd, maybe the download page can warn people instead of just being in the documentation?


I actually had an idea that download page can have both showing the url to download, or a wizard (with steps) to help users select the right edition. But it seems too much work for very low effort. And to me, reading documentation / wiki is something required to do anything. That’s the problem that so many users didn’t do. Well, it leads to the bigger problem: education quality. Overall, tell them to read documentation is good way to start (and it’s right way). Well… kinda. You saw skids on telegram and i don’t have to say more about this lul.