How to install pyrit in parrots

How to install pyrit in parrots

Simple, from apt:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install pyrit -y

pyrit was removed from server because of python2 removal.

Are you trying to install Linset? Try this:

first of all make sure you have:

*openssl (apt install libssl-dev),
*apt install python
*apt install python3-dev
*apd install zlib1g
*apt install zlib1g-dev
*apt install libcap-dev

You need to install git before you can use Pyrit’s repository; most Linux distributions provide a package for that. Do the initial clone from git like this:

git clone

This will create a new directory called ‘Pyrit’ that holds all of Pyrit’s latest source-code. Execute git pull inside that directory to keep track of changes, you may need to recompile for changes to take effect.

Compiling and installing

… the main module

Switch to the main module’s directory. We need to install some python dependencies first, for which we will use the pip command, we use Python’s distutils to compile and install the code:

sudo pip install psycopg2             ##default, install to use SQL database access.
sudo pip install scapy                ##default, scapy is required for analize/attack functionality.
sudo apt-get install python-scapy     ##If above command didn't work, in debian systems you can try this.

cd Pyrit                 ## Compile 
python clean
python build

If everything went well and no errors are thrown at you, use distutils again to install Pyrit:

sudo python install