How to install wifi adapter driver for absolute beginner

Hello guys,

I need your help installing the driver for 8812BU wifi adapter, I found different github drivers and each with different command lines, please help me install it the correct way with the correct command line.
Much appreciate it.

Please be sure to follow Support Forum Guidelines question requirements (OS, kernel, what you have already tried, any relevant logs etc).

There is a basic expectation for users to research and make attempts before posting a question (honest attempts/well thought out/detail filled questions tend to get answers quicker).

Anyhow here is a video tutorial that should help guide you/answer the question title:

Run through all steps in order, and if you have further trouble, reply with your issue.

On your other question: finding multiple drivers is not uncommon. Look for the most recently updated. Check the repository Readme/Issues to find out the compatible kernels. Many times one driver is for say 4.x kernels, the other may be for 5.x kernels. (Video Covers This). Hope it is helpful. :slight_smile: