How to make a WordList with WPS Pins

I would like to make a Wordlist with all WPS Pins. Some routers have the WPA default password same as the pin numbers, and some users do let it default.

I has thinking create a wordlist with " crunch 7 7 -o num -d 3% -t %%%%%%% " and add checksum with some script.

Or using the Bully/Reaver’s pins generator to output in a file.

Someone here know how to make this wordlist?

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Though This file never have to use this file again but boy was i wrong!

This is a fairly old list of default pins I found. Quite long so I’ll paste it.

I have pasted some default WPS pins of router with
Essid/mac of the router

Here’s your paste :

I have a file with models upto mid 2019 with default data (from Netgear, DLink, Linksys, TPlink, Tenda, Jio, Mikrotek, Asus, belkin and few brands, of which the names I don’t recall) somewhere on my main desktop, Will share when I get my hands on it.

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Think you Meet)[(∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚,

I had write my first script in python to make this wordlist, works great but in python it wouldn’t possible calculate checksums of pins that starts with zero, then I crunch like “crunch 7 7 123456789 -o crunch-7-7.txt -d 3% -t@%%%%%%”.

Here the script:

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Pretty smart way to do it. Liked it.

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