How to move minimize, exit buttons

Hi guys, i need an help for moving exit, minimize buttons of the top bar. I already did that but i’ve reinstalled the system and I don’t remember how to do it… Thank you in advance! (I know, i’m very stupid)

You want to move the buttons to the right?

Open dconf editor, navigate to org>mate>macro>general>button-layout. Then change the value to “menu:minimize,maximize,close”.


Yes i do. How do i open the editor? xD (I found a method to it with GUI but i can’t change the value, i opened as normal user the button System->Favourites>Aspect&Style>Windows and there is an option for it but i can’t change it)

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Help please :joy:

Open the GUI, turn off ‘Use default value’, then change the custom value.

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System - Controllcenter - MATE Tweak - Window - appearance right


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