How to open file browser and move it

In Ubuntu we can open file browser by typing “nautilus .” but how to open a file browser in parrot
OS and when we press “windows left” or “windows right” on a widow it goes left or right but how to do this in parrot OS.

nautilius is file manager of gnome3. In Mate, we are having caja as file manager. I don’t remember KDE file manager, you can search for it on google.
About press Super + left / right, it is called windows tile. Mate doens’t have keyboard shortcut by default but you can set it in keyboard shortcuts.

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Thanks man KDE uses Dolphin so I can type (dolphin .) for KDE and (caja .) for mate is it?

Yes it is. But it would be easier if you use GUI and open a location.

easier, yes. however when you launch ANYTHING from the command line, you gain information as to what is happening… :wink:

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That is error msg. I believe you can see it in /var/log and .xerror something in your $home (X11 log).

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