How to properly uninstall Parrot OS - Windows 10 dual boot

i installed Parrot OS alongside Windows 10 to separate disk. Please how do i properly uninstall it? I had case, when Ubuntu put bootloader on system disk and than, my bootloader was broken. Should i just delete all partitions created by Parrot OS? I don’t know where Parrot OS puts its bootloader. Please tell me what to do.

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well first open the windows
then delete the parrot partition
then rebuild the mbr if your hard disk partition type is mbr
or rebuild the gpt if your hard disk partition type is gpt
after that you can reboot

I get a No bootable device error after deleting Parrot Partition and rebuilding MBR

try setting windows boot manager as default in bios if you have option

more easily, boot a esd-usb with win10 and select advance options, next there is an option for recover your mbr from the clean usb source.

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