how to rename adapter to wlan in monitor mod ??!!

Hello . sorry to to disturb you , but I have a problem with the name of the wifi adapter I have wlx503eaab8d852 so I cannot search for the wifi network in monitor mode. If you can show me how can I do it to put it back in wlan please. I am a beginner in linux . thank you

Well, still you can simply copy the existing name and paste to the command or whatever ( Worked for me). But I also would love to know how to rename it since my adapter name is also a long one like that.

i am also new but you can try
airmon-ng stop wlx503eaab8d852mon

or type ifconfig in terminal you can check there new name when in monitor mode

but in airgeddon dosen’t work hey know only wlan0 or wlan 1 but when i put the monitor mod onwlx503eaab8d852 he failed