How to restore the default parrot firefox?

Hey there
im running the latest parrot os security edition and love it!
Today i accidently uninstalled firefox. So i just reinstalled it with apt install firefox, which gave me the standart firefox without duckduckgo, noscript etc…
I lookup up the dpkg.log file to show which version i uninstalled. I though installing that particular version might give me the parrot firefox back.
The Version i uninstalled was “firefox:amd64 70.0.1-1”.
I tried installing that Version which gave me errors such as:
Couldnt locate any package by glob 70.0.1-1
Couldnt find any package by regex 70.0.1-1

So that didnt wok!
My question now is, if there is any way to restore the default parrot os firefox?!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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