How To run MongoDB?

I can’t run my MongoDB instance in my ParrotSec OS.
Please help me out ASAP…

“I cant run” isnt very descriptive. But…

sudo apt-get install mongodb
Start service:
sudo service mongodb start
Enter mongodb shell:

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More infos about mongodb:

try google ? “i cant run mongodb on linux” im sure you will find the answer, if you cant simply start it what use are you going to be trying to use it ?

Sorry Sir,
But MongoDB doesn’t support Debian 10 so I was here just because of ParrotOS if it was any other linux. It was fixed by then.

we still have mongodb on our repository, anyways i believe you should search for an alternative nosql software until the mongodb situation is resolved

i personally love postgresql which can be used as a nosql data storage as it supports json and jsonb datatypes that can be used in a true nosql fashon