How to unzip in Parrot OS?

Hi, I’m sorry I’m a scumbag who’s used to my files being instantly unzipped for me but I’m new to Parrot Security OS and working with a terminal. I need help unzipping a file I’m using for a Web Development portfolio. I tried installing “unzip” and running that and it didn’t work.

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You can easily do it with a GUI from the file browser.

Alternatively you can use the command line utilizing the unzip command. e.g.

unzip /path/to/zip/ -d /extract/location/
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Right click with mouse on the file and choose: (Extract here) or pick another location to unpack the file.

This is not working? Works for tar.xz, haven’t tried zip files though.

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if the file was made with 7zip you may need the p7zip pkg. Atleast i think that is what its called. Tar files, gzip, bzip2 and derrivatives all can be dealt with easily, if you tell the file extension or how the file(s) was/were compressed someone can probably tell you the easiest way.

7zip files use p7zip -d or --uncompress
gzip uses gunzip
bzip2 uses bunzip2

How about this…before you get 4 million guesses give us a little information.
What type of archive is it? zip, gz, tar, etc?

Let us know the extension and we will happily point you in the right direction. Yeah you can be lazy and use the GUI but it is always good to know how to use your terminal too.

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