"https://start.parrotsec.org/" leads2ISO

Excuse the the “leads2ISO” 40 character limit, i again apologize.

I have no clue what’s going on or what i even did but i’ll include a screenshot. Whenever I start FireFox instead of the normal search bar, i’m now presented to the download page for the ISO.

Same here! I want the search bar back + the ability to check connection speed, like before. It was very handsome.

It isn’t anything you have done, it will be the same for everybody now.
Unfortunatly the server configuration has changed. I dont know if it was intentional or not, but nevertheless there is nothing we as clients can do.

Seems everythings back to normal now. I guess i could change the start page, but i was just getting used to it and started to like it cause it showed my ip before i began browsing. In my opinion thats a big plus/feature to have!

we did a server migration to a cluster of more powerful machines, and most of the minor services hosted in the server we migrated were temporarily redirected to the official website

now everything is up again as usual

the next step is to migrate the community portal, the gitlab repos and the mail server, but i want to do this new migration without noticeable downtimes