Hypothetical Question

sorry if this is inappropriate to ask but I was wondering

if an individual’s physical home IP was compromised by, say, an alphabet agency / M.I. caliber snooping and surveillance, then the likelihood that being able to circumvent being monitored on the same ISP ( or physical modem/dish) by doing a hard drive wipe is unrealistic, no? i.e., it’d require a new identity?

Wiping a disk doesn’t change any of the traffic that was sent out over a network, which is what would be monitored. In any case the only way to actually make a disk unrecoverable is to physically degauss or destroy it and even then a nation state actor might still have the capability to recover some information.

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Ok, not quite what I was asking about but still informative

I meant more like, if someone does or says something that gets direct attention (ie gets their computer hacked). Then there’s no way to lose that attention if they want to keep watching for whatever reason, without using completely public cpu’s with no ties to your own logged activity.

edit: so in effect, the hard drive wipe would have been to remove key-logging or similar apps, but my question is they would also have enough info to continue monitoring any IP coming from my physical wifi modem.

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