i can't run windows files via wine

i can’t install any windows program via wine. i am new to linux based system. i want to learn coding so i recently try to some coding softwares. but i can’t installed different kinds of problems encountered while installing process. lampp,devc++. i cant get any out put from lampp while coding php … plz help me i am exhausted
— thanks in advance sorry for my english

  • Parrot version in use
    4.11 amd 64

+kernel version*
(5.10.0-8 parrot1-amd 64)

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If you want to coding on linux system you dont need wine for now. You can use codeblocks for linux, visual studio code for linux or any of similar softwares(like interpreters ide’s, compilers etc.).
And also you can read this documentation for php development setup on linux systems.

@selvalive ,
Parrot comes with several built-in tools in “Programming” section. You can run PHP applications with a single command in Parrot terminal as: php -S localhost:8000 index.php
where, index.php contains your code.
You may use VSCode or Sublime to edit programs of PHP, Java and any language in Parrot OS.
Wine in Linux distros helps to run some Windows Apps but it may not be as great as on Windows itself.