I downloaded virtualbox but don't see it search menu

I downloaded virtualbox with package manager but don’t see it search menu. I have screen shot but not being allowed to upload.

KDE 4.11

Have you installed it? sudo apt install virtualbox? Look for it in the menu, it should appear.

Twice I went to synaptic package manager and downloaded virtualbox and the boxes appeared green but when I went back to check the boxes appear blank (not green).

A search on Application Launcher (bottom left of desktop screen) doesn’t show anything for “virtualbox”.

Results for sudo apt install virtualbox:
^Citing for cache lock: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 5086 (synaptic)… 51s

Nothing happened, how long do I need to wait, the seconds are ticking thats about it.

Of course it returns that message to you, you are using synaptic. Please close synaptic and try again. And then read what synaptic does. Synaptic is nothing more than a GUI for installing packages, so it uses apt to install them.

in synaptic search for virtualbox should i mark only the white boxes that have parrot because there is stuff like vagrant, python3-libvirt, libvirt-wireshark etc too? all boxes are white at the moment except for xmount

This is what you need selected (green boxes) for VirtualBox.

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I can see virtual box in the application launcher now. Thank you Masmer.

Do you have any idea what these are as they came up in search for virtualbox in Synaptic:
i.e. anything with “libvirt”